Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Poor Reading List

Many of us read for one reason or another. To entertain ourselves, to past time, to enrich our knowledge and so on. A few days ago, I stumbled into Mortimer J. Adler's book, How to Read a Book. After comparing his recommended list of books to mine, I realized that most of my books are not brain challenging for me as these easy read onl provide a form of entertainment during my idle time. I think I should try to read at least one of his recommended titles. Homer would be a good pick. I took a copy of Homer's Odessy and plunged myself on a nice couch. While flipping and skimming through the pages, I felt nervous, fear and confuse. Nervous because I'm not used to such writing style, fear because thick pages suggest a long torment and confuse because of the inter-relating web of relationships and places. /* Sigh! */


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