Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Origins of Expressions

superman: someone with greater-than-human powers

Superman is a comic strip character created by Siegel and Schuter during the 1930s. The character first appeared as a comic strip in Action Comics in 1938. Superman's debut success was followed on by decades of ongoing popularity based on the numerous comic books, animation films, tv series and even movies made on this character. Able to fly faster than an aeroplane, stop a speeding train on track, leap from tall buildings are just few feats Superman is capable of. When we call someone as a superman woman, we are implying that he or she is capable of doing much more than an average person, possesses more mental and physical power or much more stamina.
Surprisingly, years before Superman was created Siegel and Schuter, an 19th century German philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche, invented the term Ubermensch, which literally mean Superman and which he applied to a hypothetical human being of superior intellect and morals. One of the common misconceptions of Ubermensch is that it is equivalent to the ideals of Nazism. The concept of racial supremacy or antisemitism is absent in Nietzsche.


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